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Custom Made Furniture in Abu Dhabi

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About Custom Made Furniture

Custom Made Furniture

Custom furniture or made to order furniture are pieces of furniture carved and made specific to the customer’s needs. It works on a system where the customer provides blue prints or an idea of the final product and it is produced. The basic idea of the customer is used and a 3D design or model is made. Once the model is approved or accepted by the customer, the production phase is initiated. Custom furniture gives the buyer or client the ability to choose every component of a piece of furniture. Everything from design, size, materials and finishing are up to the client. Custom furniture is a means to get access to unique, personalized, on-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. This is a good means of attracting business especially in bars, restaurants and hotels. Being unique and standing out is one way of gaining attention and being a level above competitors. However, these custom pieces are not restraint to hotels, bars and hotels only. Many people make use of these custom furniture manufacturers to acquire unique pieces of furniture for homes, offices and even lounges.

The time taken for designing, approving and manufacturing these products makes the process quite lengthy. Custom furniture involving cast metal designing usually takes longer than normal would carved pieces. The price, however, is not necessarily higher than pieces available at showrooms. The prices of these products are usually based on the quality and quantity of materials used, type of finishing and other contributive factors. These are a number of Furniture Designers and Custom Builders in UAE that provide these services. Some of these manufactures have offices Baniyas Square, Port Saeed, and other places in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, etc. Some of these manufacturers provide several other services apart from manufacturing custom services. All the information needed can be found on their websites.

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