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Doors in Abu Dhabi

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Products & Services : Doors and Gates
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Products & Services : Doors and Gates

About Doors

Doors are designed to provide seamless access to a building or a room in a structure. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be designed to adapt to the building architecture. It can be placed in an entrance of a building, room, vehicle or cupboard. They can also be equipped with automatic locks that can be attached to an access control system which restricts unauthorized access to a building or premise. Some commonly used doors are wooden door, steel door, partition door, reinforced door, vault door, maintenance door, automatic door and revolving door.

Automatic doors are used in commercial buildings which deal with pedestrian traffic. Some examples of automatic doors are sliding doors, swinging doors, automated revolving doors and bi-fold doors. Sliding automatic doors are one of the most used automatic doors due to their versatile design. They are aesthetically clean and are best suited for two way traffic. Sliding automated doors are a retrofit option to buildings as they give out a sophisticated look. They can be installed on walls, act as barriers and concealed overhead. They allow you to utilize wall space and are a popular option in new construction and remodelling. Some types of sliding doors include limited sight line door panel, access control slider, telescopic sliding door, all glass sliding door and hurricane resistant sliding door. Access controlled sliders provide security to your premise as they need to be integrated with an access control device such as keypads, biometric scanners for activation. Swinging automated doors are used to direct people to a certain area of a facility. They can be used in both new construction and retrofit and support applications such as full pedestrian and two-way traffic. They operate at faster speeds and need safety devices to prevent accidents. Automatic revolving doors are known for their energy efficient nature and different wing designs. Due to their versatile design they are used in a wide range of applications. Some commonly used revolving doors are 3 winged security door, 4 winged security door, 2 winged revolving door, three winged revolving door and access controlled revolving door.

Doors which are classified on the basis of material used are steel door, wood door, corrugated steel sheet door, partition type door and reinforced steel door. Other examples include wire gauged door, louvred door, framed door, panel door, glass door, flushed door, laminated core door, hollow core door, collapsible steel door, rolling steel shutter door. Some popular locations to get in touch with companies which sell doors in Abu Dhabi are Hamdan Street, Musaffah, Airport road, Electra Street, Musaffah Industrial area, Najda Street, Muroor road, Sheikh Abdulla building and Al Shahama.