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Fans And Blowers in Abu Dhabi

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About Fans And Blowers

Fans And Blowers

There are various types of fans and blowers used in industries to provide large circulation or flow of air and gas for various purposes. These powerful machines function with the rotation of high-intensity blades connected to a hub and shaft, powered by a turbine or a motor. Industrial fans and blowers generate powerful flow of air and gas that can range anywhere from 200 to 2,000,000 cubic feet per minute. A blower is a fan which generates strong airflow with a downstream-sided flow resistance. These machines are used to facilitate various industrial needs, such as ventilation, cooling, combustion, exhaust, drying, aeration, air-cleaning, and particulate transfer. The applications of these fans and blowers in Abu Dhabi, cater to several industries, including cryogenics, food processing, petrochemical, electrical power production, mining, pollution control, metal fabrication, metal manufacturing and metal processing, clean rooms, and cement production.

Most of applications of Fans and blowers in Abu Dhabi require the utilization of two different types. These two types of fans and blowers differ in functioning principle and application, namely centrifugal and axial. Centrifugal fans consists of a rotating disk with blades mounted on its surface at 90 degree angles. It generated powerful intense airflow and pressure using centrifugal force. These fans come in several variations, which include acid gas blowers, radial blades, paddle wheels, and exhaust pressure blowers. Axial fans consist of a central hub mounted with radially-extended blades, which generate intense flow of air and gas using axial force. Axial fans are contained within a section of cylindrical ductwork connected to output and input ducts. The centrifugal fan on the other hand is fitted inside a scroll-shaped shell resembling the shell of a nautilus.

Centrifugal fans and blowers in Abu Dhabi are of several types, including airfoil, exhaust pressure blowers, and a few others. There are several traders that stock and supply fans and blowers in Abu Dhabi that meet the required international and regional industrial quality standards. A few of these traders of fans and blowers in Abu Dhabi can be found at Mussafah Industrial Area, Najda Street and Electra Street.