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Fire Safety Training in Abu Dhabi

About Fire Safety Training

Fire safety training is a course that teaches preventive measures that minimizes the cause of fire hazards in a workplace or home. This course will prepare you to face a fire accident by teaching you how to evacuate a facility and prevent the spread of fire. Most of us tend to panic in the event of an accident in order to overcome this fear you need to stay calm and think of preventive measures to stop the spread of fire and prepare to evacuate if the fire goes out of control.

Fire safety training courses are conducted by non government organizations and non profit organizations. Their course covers fire prevention, training and emergency preparedness and training. Fire safety training deals with fire prevention, cause of fire, types of fire, how fire spreads, how to prevent the cause of fire, what action to take to mitigate fires and report hazards.

Fire safety training include how to prepare for a fire emergency, participation in fire drills, study building structure to plan evacuation procedure. It also includes how to maintain fire protection systems and how to operate fire extinguishers or a fire hose. Trainers also teach students about what type of fire extinguisher must be used to deal with what kind of fire. Fire safety training teaches students how to control proper usage of ignition sources, where to install fire extinguishers, identify potential fire hazards and how to handle flammable materials. Some popular locations to get in touch with institutes which provide fire safety training in Abu Dhabi are Al Salam Street, Mussaffah and tourist club area.

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