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Industrial Automation in Abu Dhabi

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About Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation is the implementation of information technology and control systems in the management of various processes and machines in an industry. Automation is a step further in the industrialization process, after mechanization. Unlike mechanized industries, industrial automation does not require aided human action to perform operations or to carry out tasks. Automation replaces the human requirement with a set of logical commands and programming to control machinery in industries. Industrial automation was first introduced with the aim of replacing manual labor to improve various aspects of the production process, such as quality, quantity, safety and consistency, and to eliminate the human error involved in manual production processes.

Though Industrial automation was first implemented to increase productivity and reduce costs, automation now focuses on improving the flexibility and quality of production. Industrial automation, unlike manual labor, is capable of working continuously, without any break, at the same productivity and consistency. Although automation, and its various components require high initial costs, their long term costs are significant much lower when compared to manual production. All costs involved in automation include installation and maintenance costs, while labor costs include wages, compensation and other benefits. After the introduction of automation in the automobile industry, the error in the installation of engine pistons dropped from an average of 1.3% (in manual production processes) to 0.000001%, reducing inconsistency in production.

Industrial Automation also requires less expenditure in regard to losses and expenses related to manual labour, such as holidays, paid leave and healthcare costs. All these benefits contribute to the current demand of Industrial Automation on a global scale. Both Local and offshore production houses seek the services of these services providers in Abu Dhabi. Technical service providers that specialize in industrial automation in Abu Dhabi, offer services that cater to various types of industrial and production institutions. These services providers are strategically situated near industrial areas, at places like Old Airport Road, Mussafah M-9, M-37, and Muroor Road in Abu Dhabi.