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Karate Classes in Abu Dhabi

International Community School, Al MushrifAbu Dhabi

About Karate Classes

Karate Classes

One of the most popular and widely practiced arts in Asia is karate. Karate has some minor differences but mostly similar to the martial arts. To master karate, it is necessary to learn all the six major techniques which are generally referred to as zuki, uke, uchi, nage, keri and dachi. These major techniques are practiced using arms and legs. Each of the technique is more powerful in one way when compared to the other standard techniques that are practices commonly. Most of the techniques are executed using the legs. Since the legs are more wider and contain high mass compared to the arms, they are considered more powerful. They have higher muscle mass, hence making the self-defense techniques more powerful. Karate includes kicking techniques, where they are advised about the knee lifting techniques with the appropriate torque angle. Kicks are also of different types. They are front kicks, mae geri, side kick, round kick and mawashi geri, ushiro geri etc. By practicing karate from early school stage kids develop good posture, structural alignment, practical functionality and body mechanism. Above listed are the best karate teaching institute in United Arab Emirates.

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