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Safes And Vaults in Abu Dhabi

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About Safes and Vaults

Safes And Vaults

Safes and vaults play an integral role in securing valuable items such as jewelry, banknotes, important documents etc. They are designed with strong doors which comprises of an integrated locking mechanism which allows the user to set a pass-code, record his fingerprint or voice for secure authenticated access. Old safes and vaults come with a conventional locking mechanism which features a lock and key or a pattern lock. A safe is a compact strong box which is made up of iron or cast aluminum metal which is strong and sturdy in design. They are designed to be fire proof moisture resistant and burglar resistant. There are four types of lock systems which are commonly used in safes and vaults they are combination lock, key, time lock and electronic locking system. A combination locking system follows a simple mechanism which uses a sequence of numbers or symbols to open the lock. They comprise of a single rotating dial which activates when a particular pattern is achieved. These locks are used in mini safes, there are different types of combination locking systems such as multiple dial locks, single dial locks etc.

Some safes and vaults use a time lock system which allows the user to set a timer which prevents other users from accessing the vault even if the correct password is entered. Vaults are larger versions of safes which are made up of reinforced concrete or reinforced steel which is hard to penetrate. These vaults are commonly used in banks, jewelry stores, military camps etc. Some popular locations to find safes and vaults in Abu Dhabi are Al Faraa corporate office tower, Najda Street, Delma Street and passport road.

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