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Safety Signs in Abu Dhabi

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About Safety Signs

Safety signs are the same universally and are expected to be followed by every commuter. The most common warning signs are the red, green and amber signals that guide traffic through busy streets. In most countries safety signs are in the shape of a triangle with a white background or in the shape of a square with a yellow and black background. Safety signs are used when there are obstacles on the path or where there is an animal crossing, in locations where there are unusual vehicles crossing the road, when the road is under construction or if there is any other road work in progress, before curves and bends, chevrons and arrows indicate the direction of the curve or bend, to caution the drivers that a bridge or tunnel is ahead, to indicate intersections and roundabouts and before pedestrian crossing and schools, to indicate speed bumps or rumble strips. As in other cities safety signs are used extensively that are indistrialized like Abu dhabi. Road signs are also used to direct people to their right destination in Abu Dhabi. These are few of the safety signs that are used to protect the driver, other commuters and pedestrians on the road. These signs and signals are designed in a manner that it helps to regulate traffic to avoid traffic jams and accidents. Safety signs are not only used to control traffic but are also extensively used at construction sites and other industries and factories to ensure the safety of the workers. These signs could be a wear ‘helmet signs’ or ‘smoke-free zones’ at sites where inflammable materials are in use. Non-traffic warning signs prove to be useful at many locations from a ‘beware of dog’ sign to the electricity voltage warning. All in all safety signs are put up to protect people on the road or at their workplace. Each country has their own regulations and uses signs and symbols the International traffic and road safety regulations provide regulations that are applicable to all countries.