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Sbm Bank Note Counter in Abu Dhabi

About Sbm Bank Note Counter

Sbm Bank Note Counter

SBM is a Korean company that manufactures the world’s smallest banknote counters, they comprise of a modern compact design which supports dual user accessibility. Their designs are approved by central banks and are widely used in reputed finance companies, banks and other related organizations. They provide a hassle free solution to your requirements, here at yellow pages we can help you get in touch with retailers selling SBM banknote counters in Abu Dhabi. SBM creates intelligent and reliable machines which use advanced image processing technology to perform denominations and recognize banknotes. It is equipped with a stacker pocket which is used to stack the notes for input to initiate counting sequence.

It uses UV light, magnetic sensors, multi thread detection, infrared and 3D size detection which is used to detect fake notes and dispatches them through the rejecter pocket. SB 9 and SB 7 model currency counters enable two users to operate on a single machine simultaneously, this makes cash counting faster and robust.

It has an attractive LCD display and a user friendly interface which adds to better market presence and increased resale value. Its auto start stop option enables easier operation, this feature automatically initiates the counting as the currency is inserted and automatically stops after counting. SBM provides software updates regularly which can be installed by connecting it to a PC or installing it from a USB flash drive. They comprise of two openings, one in the rear and one at the top, these openings are used to remove jammed currency notes without dismantling the appliance. Some popular locations to find dealers selling SBM bank counters in Abu Dhabi are DBC building, Al Khabaisi and Deira.

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