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Shelving And Storage Equipment in Abu Dhabi - Industry Leading Suppliers Abu Dhabi

Opp ADCB, Najda StAbu Dhabi8818

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Shelving and Storage Equipment
Plot 3/4, M 39, MussafahAbu Dhabi8103
M 14, MusaffahAbu Dhabi28841
Bhnd National Hospital, NajdaAbu Dhabi54162
Bhnd RAK Bank, TCAAbu Dhabi46404


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204, 2nd Flr, Central Pharmacy Bldg, Bhnd Crown Plaza, Hamdan StAbu Dhabi51869
Corniche StreetAbu Dhabi39963
About Shelving and Storage Equipment

Shelving and Storage is an important aspect that helps in creating a clutter free environment. Shelves help in the efficient utilization of the available space; they are an important attribute that contributes to the quality and safety of the goods. Shelves are extensively used in, hotels; Restaurant’s shopping malls, homes, warehouses etc. In trading Scenarios shelves are an important factor in increasing the visibility of the Product thus contributing to the increase in sales. Shelves were initially made of wooden frames, off late shelves are far beyond wood; Shelves are made of plastics, wood, iron, glass, steel and various other materials. There are various types of Shelves like free standing shelves, corner shelves, built in shelves, floating shelves etc. Installation of Shelving and storage systems has become an art of ensemble.

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