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Solar Energy in Abu Dhabi

Incubator Building, Masdar CityAbu Dhabi46320
Industrial Area 26, MusaffahAbu Dhabi114117
Bhnd Micco Bldg, Najda StAbu Dhabi70373
12, Pizza Hut Bldg, Sh Hamdan StAbu Dhabi45254
Al Dafra StAbu Dhabi89666
Bhnd Crown Plaza Hotel, Hamdan StAbu Dhabi56807

About Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy which is available in abundance this energy is extracted from the rays of the sun. Solar panels trap solar energy and convert it into thermal energy. Solar panels comprise of a collection of solar cells which are sandwiched together and enclosed in a glass panel which helps trap heat effectively. There are four types of solar cells commonly used in solar panels which are crystalline silicon solar cells, mono crystalline solar cells, polycrystalline solar cells and thin film solar cells. Solar panels are used in solar water heaters, solar powered generators, solar street lights, solar powered cookers, solar powered ventilators, solar powered vehicles and other related appliances.

Solar energy is easy to obtain and reduces dependency on non renewable sources of energy. Solar panels are expensive and installing them is a complicate process but it is a onetime investment which benefits you in the long term. Solar energy can be converted into electrical energy and used to power ceiling fans, air conditioners and other electronic appliances. Instead of depending on electric water heaters or gas powered water heaters you can use solar energy to heat water. Solar powered heaters can be used to keep your room warm and free of bacteria. Solar powered pumps can be used to circulate water to the highest storey of your apartment this is done by connecting a DC motor to your solar panel which helps pump the water upward. Solar energy can also be used as a primary power source to your home if the external environmental conditions are favorable. In this manner you can completely reduce dependency on electricity. Some popular locations to find solar panel suppliers in Abu Dhabi are Musaffah 44, Masdar city, Najda Street and Sheik Hamdan Street.

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