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Swimming Pool in Abu Dhabi

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About Swimming Pool

Swimming pools come in a wide range of shapes and sizes that are tailored to suit different requirements and budgets. They help you relax and take your mind off mundane life. If you are looking forward to setting up a swimming pool you can consult a contractor who is specialized in designing pools to suit your taste. A swimming pool can be crafted with different types of finish to suit your environment. Swimming pool contractors use steel reinforced concrete to form an outer shell, they attach plaster coated shells to hold water and improve stability.

A swimming pool can also be designed using fancy tiles, stones or man-made textures. Most modern pools are designed with alternative finishes to form an attractive design. Swimming pools which are made up of fibreglass are ready-made, they are sold as a large piece of shell. Fibreglass pools are strong and can be easily constructed by excavating the ground with the help of a crane. There are different types of fibreglass designs to choose from. Vinyl pools are lined with metal or plastic frames and set into an excavated hole. They are also lined with supporting walls and panels which are built from plastic, steel or aluminium which are joined to the frame. Some examples of swimming pools are private pools, public pools, competition pools or lap pools, exercise pools, hot tubs, ocean pools, infinity pools, natural pools and indoor pools.

There are four different types of in-ground pools which are concrete or aggregate finished pool, alternative finish pool, fibreglass pool and Vinyl pool. Swimming pool designers use steel reinforced concrete to form a shell and apply a patch of concrete or plaster to layer the ground and place tiles. They also come up with alternative finishes such as stone granite pool, man-made pool, pebble aggregate and other finishes. Aggregate finished pools can last for eight to twelve years and are inexpensive to replace. Above ground, pools are easy to construct and are a cost-effective option. Architectural pools are structured with definite lines and designs which are similar to the surrounding. They are sophisticated and geometrically designed by an architect to blend in with the surrounding environment. Pool designers also construct recreational pools which are designed with different water features such as water slides, caves, tunnels, boulders and other attractive options. They are mostly constructed in theme parks, resorts and other similar establishments. Infinity pools are also known as edge pools or vanishing edge pools or zero edge pools as they give you an illusion of dropping over the edge of a cliff. They need to be designed in an efficient manner and are very expensive. Swimming pool designers also construct diving boards, diving platforms, pool cleaning equipment and also design swimwear and swimming gear. Some popular locations to get in touch with companies which build and install swimming pools in Abu Dhabi are Salam Street, Electra Street, Tourist club area, Reef tower, Muroor road, Reef tower, Musaffah, Electra street, old airport road and Najda Street.