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Uv Flat Bed Printing in Abu Dhabi

About Uv Flat Bed Printing

Uv Flat Bed Printing

A Flatbed printer is a device that recreates digital images on a wide variety of materials. Flatbed printers use inkjet printing to recreate the digital image by propelling ink droplets onto the desired surface. UV flatbed printers use UV or ultraviolet light to polymerize or cure the ink as it is applied. This process allows the print of the image to have more detail and definition, by drying the ink before it can spread.

UV flat bed printers are very popular in UAE, because of their base material compatibility, detail, and durability. UV flat bed printers can be used to print or recreate digital images on paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, aluminum and other metals. It can be used to materials with varying thickness, usually up to 2” thick. UV flatbed printers are the latest printing technology available in the market today. High-quality sign boards, display boards, and signage represent the quality of a brand and helps promote business activity.

UV Flatbed printers in UAE are used to print personal as well as commercial signs, posters, banners, etc. Being the most up-to-date printing technology in the market, they also consume less electricity. The use of acrylic monomer based ink makes curing the ink effective. These printers are often used as a more preferred alternative to screen-printing. Unlike the technique of solvent printing and other commercial printers, UV printers are more environment-friendly. UV printers produce fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odor, heat and harmful fumes.

There are several printing and signage institutions that provide UV flatbed printing in UAE. With this technology, the availability of detailed printing on various materials, quality custom signage can help take your business a long way. One such studio can be found in Al Quoz 1, Dubai.