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About Workers Accommodation

Workers Accommodation

The minimum labor camp standards are listed by the Ministry Of UAE. They follow a standard set of policies that include that the employees who are recruitment for wages less than 2000 AED is entitled to have a worker accommodation given by the company. They also have proposed the basic standards of the accommodation which is listed considering the health and the wellbeing of the individual. Every worker accommodation is equipped with kitchen, dining, lounges, corridor and well-maintained toilets. Every bathroom is attached with the hood that exhausts the air inside the bathroom. They must also be equipped with a window in order to attach air conditioner in the bedroom. All the other rooms that has huge chances of getting contaminated need to be ventilated. Each and every rooms provided as worker accommodation is equipped with proper lighting system. The lights used are mostly power saving LED lights apart from the external lights that gives proper identification of the corridors and other places around the accommodation that has higher potential risk. The designs of the housing units are also established by the Ministry. Every person should be allocated with a room space of not less than 3 square meters. Not more than eight or ten members are allowed to share a single room. Even the ceiling heights of the accommodation must not be less than 7 feet. They must also have basic amenities like bed space, side table and cupboards for security. Ever bedrooms should be given the right space. Starting from the sanitary, kitchen, dining and restrooms all the facilities are provided by the company for the employees with lower wage rate. Above listed are some of the top warehouse accommodation dealers who follows all the standards mentioned by the Ministry and provide the most affordable and comfortable living space for the workers in Abu Dhabi.

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