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Cable Management System in Ajman

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About Cable Management System

Cable Management System

A cable management system is installed to secure all kinds of cables in a building. While in most cases they are used to support, hide or manage power cables and phone lines, they may also be used to support control and surveillance wires, and so on. Cable management offers a neat means of cable support, as well as ease of access to the cables for maintenance and repairs. Wire management uses a range of unique systems to achieve cable support that is both efficient as well as pleasing to the eye. The most common of these is the use of cable trays, apart from other types like in-floor systems, cable columns and raceways.

Cable or wire management has gained importance in many settings like hospitals, office spaces and even homes. The service addresses the many issues that come with ‘cable spaghetti’, caused by cables getting mixed and tangled, which makes it uneasy to work with, repair or find the right cable. The type of systems used in hospitals requires grounding, shielding and routing that complies with life safety codes, to prevent them from affecting any equipment. Office cable management systems include access floors, overhead cables, floor decking and concrete trench systems. Accessed floors are raised floors with cables running beneath it. Overhead wire systems include cable trays like cable ladders, wire mesh trays and trough trays. With floor decking, the cables are installed on the roof of the floor below and are made accessible through holes in the floor.

There are a number of concerns that deal with a wide range of cable management solutions in the UAE. These concerns offer their expertise to a wide range of clients, and deal with office spaces, health care establishments, homes and other buildings. A few companies concerned with the supply of cable management systems in UAE can be found at places like the China Cluster in Dubai International City, Al Ghail Free Zone in Ras Al Khaimah, and SAIF Zone in Sharjah.