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Crude Oil in Ajman

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About Crude Oil

Crude Oil

Crude Oil is a natural resource that is acquired by drilling to a depth below the surface of the earth. This substance is naturally occurring and is found with other resources that like salt water and natural gas. This is a fossil fuel and is a raw petroleum product that is made up of organic materials and a mix of hydrocarbon deposits. When crude oil is refined, it is put through a process to acquire products like petrol, diesel, and other petrochemicals. Unlike wind, solar and hydroelectric forms of energy, this fossil fuel is not a renewable source of power.

Asphalt, kerosene, diesel and petrol are a few products and by-products that are acquired when this raw fuel is processed. Asphalt is used to build roads for the most, as well as to make roofs and other elements of buildings waterproof. And the forms of fuel like petrol, diesel, and gasoline acquired from this product, are used to power cars, machines and to produce electric power. The substance has many other uses, such as plastic, clothing, furniture, kitchen items, food, and cars. Plastic is an oil based polymer and is used to make a wide range of products from boxes, cases, and fittings to shoes, buttons, and devices we use. Crude oil is also used to make colorful and fire resistant clothes out of nylon, rayon, and faux fur.

Crude oil is also widely used to insulate buildings, rooms, homes and office spaces. Apart from these applications, there is a wide spectrum of uses of crude oil in the UAE and the Middle East. Traders, asphalt suppliers, and producers of plastic and plastic products make up for most of the commercial use of crude oil in UAE.