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Flanges in Ajman

Ajman Free Zone, AFZ - B1, 1303374Ajman
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About Flanges

Flanges in Ajman refer to forged or cast ring of steel that are especially designed to connect sections of pipe to a pressure vessel, pump or any other integral flanges assembly. Take a look at the six different types of flanges that you can avail from a dealer. These are slip-on or hubbed flange, threaded flange, lap joint or loose flange, welding neck flange, bulk head flange and blind flange. hubbed flange is thinner than other flanges, strong and cost-effective. Threaded flange can be attached without welding and great for small pipes and highly combustible areas. Welding Neck Flange is used for high-pressure applications. Bulk Head Flange is designed for maritime industry use on ships.

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