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Insulated Panels in Ajman

About Insulated Panels

We utilize the Insulated Panels for building structures with controlled temperatures rages. For instance, a warehouse may need to keep up certain room temperature to prevent things from getting harmed or damaged. Or on the other hand a refrigeration room must be protected to keep outside warmth from going into the room. The therapeutic and research offices, pharmaceutical stock houses take strict rule for room temperature. For developing every one of these sorts of buildings, insulation boards are utilized. They are produced by sandwiching an insulation medium between two sheets. For insulation medium, polyurethane, extended polyurethane are ordinarily utilized as the inner material. Plywood, Gypsum sheets and oriented strand board (OSB) are the normally utilized for the hard sheets. glue is spread evenly over the two sides of a large piece of insulation medium and sheets are put over the glue. Weight is equally applied for more than four or five minutes for the panel components to stick together. The extra edge is cut/molded. Installment fittings are added to the insulated panel board and stored in warehouse for delivery.

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