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Lawyers help to defend or prosecute any agent for another involved in the dispute. Lawyers advise, help, guide and represent individuals, businesses, Government agencies on any legal issues or dispute. Generally the lawyer's practice in private and legal corporate offices. Here we have gathered a list of authorised lawyers in UAE dealing with multiple issues. Some of them are family laws- divorce, child support, child custody | accident claim issues - personal injury at work, wrongful death settlement | domestic violence and criminal defence | employment and labour issues - discrimination, salary issues and wrongful termination | corporate and business laws | Real estate issues | Tax and VAT litigations | intellectual and patent rights lawyers | property lawyers | immigration deport | bankruptcy, liquidation | social security issues. All the lawyers and advocate generals listed here are the authorised and certified legal consultants. They provide legal services for all the client's location in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah.

In many a case the lawyers can bring a solution or settlement without any trial, negotiation and compromise. Lawyers walk through their clients in the right direction and give a legal solution for any issues.

Family Lawyers - Family lawyers helps in all the family issues and gives clear idea about filing for divorce, dividing assets among the separated couples, alienation of affection, child custody, temporary child custody, child abuse, child financial support, children rights, adoption, paternity etc.

Bankruptcy Lawyers - Bankruptcy lawyers can help get rid of the qualifying debt quickly under the legal practice. Bankruptcy case starts when the debtor files the official paperwork disclosing the income, debts, transactions etc. Lawyers help the business owners who struggle to pay the debt and files bankruptcy when there is no other solution.

Criminal Lawyers - Criminal lawyers get involved in all the criminal cases and give a solution for arrest warrants, traffic violations, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, juvenile law, drinking and driving, fatal accident after drink and drive, crimes against properties, drug crimes etc.

Labour and Employment Lawyers - Labour and employment lawyers handle all the issues between the labour and the employers. They take care of the wages unpaid, workplace bullying, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, forceful termination, employee privacy rights, human resource laws etc.

Immigration Lawyers - Immigration lawyers deal with deportation, undocumented immigrants, illegal immigration, international marriage and citizenship, family-based immigrant visas, exchange visitors visas, crimes of moral turpitude.

Personal Injury Lawyers - Personal injury lawyers help to claim the accidents happening in the office during work and road accident injuries. They take care of the insurance offered by the car insurance companies, personal injury like slip or fall, fire accident, workplace injury etc.

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