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Marine Equipment Suppliers in Ajman

Near UAE Exchange, Hamriyah FZEAjman42359
New Indl AreaAjman2663
C 1 919-920, Ajman Free ZoneAjman40349

About Marine Equipment Suppliers

Marine equipment has always been a popular purchase in UAE. The coast line of UAE offers tourist numerous marine activities from surfing wakeboarding to boating canoeing and kayaking. Equipment required for these activities range from wind indicators, breathing equipment to wetsuits, boat trolleys or launching trolleys. Al Jadaf and AL Oudh in Dubai are the best known locations in the city to pick up any kind of marine equipment. Besides marine sports activities, equipment for container vessels and offshore drilling are also made available. Offshore equipment is a priority in the country, a necessity for companies that undertake the drilling and supplying of oil in the country. Some of the equipment required for the process are floating drilling units for prospecting and exploratory boring, underwater equipment for completion of prospecting and exploratory wells, oil transportation tankers, liquefied gas tankers and Floating storages. Marine equipment for offshore activities are vital to companies and the nation alike The Dubai creek being one of the busiest ports in the world sees a number of ships arrive and leave with cargo daily. This makes the city and the nation an important location for the purchase of marine equipment, boat or ship repairs and other tools and supplies required for navigation. There are about 80 companies in Dubai alone that manufacture and supply marine equipment in the country. Marine equipment also includes a list of safety equipment or life saving equipment such as life jackets, lifebuoys, hand flares, water proof hand torches and smoke distress signals navigation lights and communication aids. Marine equipment suppliers supply marine sports equipment as well as equipment that are required on cargo ships and other cruise ships. The finest equipment for all kinds of marine sports activities are supplied by local dealers as well as companies that have an international branding. Suppliers of marine equipment also provide maintenance and repair services along with the equipment and systems for communication on the ship. They also provide services that include, assisting in the voyage data records and also setting up automatic identification systems.

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