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Security Companies in Ajman

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Products & Services : Security Companies and Services
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Products & Services : Security Companies and Services

About Security Companies

Security Companies

Private security companies are privately owned or government-affiliated specialty security service providers. Private security companies provide armed and unarmed security services, cyber security services and comprehensive security solutions to public, corporate and private clients. Most security companies primarily deal with specialized security and patrol services, providing clients with bodyguards, armed security guards, unarmed security, guard dogs and parking security services. Most private security companies in the UAE are associated, affiliated or approved by ministries, government bodies or defense authorities, and offer a range of advanced and special services to clients in demand of them. Some of these specialized services include theft and fire prevention, prevention of unauthorized entry, access control, traffic regulation, and asset protection. However, not all private security companies provide these services.

Security guards and protective agents assigned by security companies are highly trained to handle various threats like vandalism, violent behavior, criminal activity and damage to the assets of the client. Asset protection is one of the most common security service acquired from security companies across the globe. Security personnel maintain high visibility, making their presence known, and observe signs of fire, disorder or crime. With special training, security guards are capable of to take preventive and defensive measures to neutralize threats, minimize damage, and report to the authorities and client regarding the incident.

Private security companies in some countries are known as security contractors and are generally mistaken for private military contractors. The staff of Security companies, especially security guards and protective agents are employed to protect various assets of organizations like people, money, property and other assets. Private security companies in the UAE have special training facilities, security personnel undergo training programs and tests. These security companies also provide security consultancy, training, certification, and surveillance and security services. Some of these private security companies and agencies have been providing their services for decades in the Emirates, with offices at Ras Al Khor, Dubai World Trade Center, Port Saeed, and Khalidiya in Abu Dhabi.