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Z And C Purlins in Ajman

About Z And C Purlins

Z and C purlins are used in architectural or structural designing, building engineering and constructing frames. They are very flexible in design and can be structured either horizontally or longitudinally. It can also be used for traditional timber framing and there are three basic types of purlins which include purlin plate, principal purlin and common purlin. Manufacturers design these plates in different ways and mould them in Z shape and C shape. Z section purlins are 232 millimetres deep and have an average thickness of 1.8 metres. They can be used to support different structures due to their integrated design structure. Most Z purlins are designed using lightweight construction elements and rolling them accordingly so that they can be used for roofing applications. They are also used as secondary girders and skyscraper construction.

Z and C purlins are made up of galvanised steel of high tensile strength. They can be supplied in plain or punched design. Manufacturers also provide installation service as it is difficult to install purlins. They construct them using high tensile steel which is a fully integrated system which allows different flexible design options. This design improves the overall tensile strength of the device and reduces weight and increases its serviceable life considerably. Z and C purlins are constructed through a cold forming procedure using zinc alloy coated steel which exhibits a minimum yield stress that is higher than the respective profiles. Z and C purlin manufacturers use sections of minimum thickness and weight which considerably reduces the cost and time involved in construction. They use different materials which yield a minimum stress of 450 N/mm. They dip purlins in galvanized type zinc alloy coated material with a relatively high density which makes the material corrosion resistant. They can be designed according to your request by punching holes accordingly.

Z shaped purlins feature two flanges in two different ways which overlap the elements with the same height that perfectly fit each other. Z profiles with the same static height but different thickness cannot be overlapped in a particular combination. Manufacturers use two different fixing methods such as sleeve system and freely supported continuous fixing system. C shaped purlins are constructed using natural structural elements which feature two equally sized flanges which are best suited for girts as well as door and window frames. They cannot be overlapped as they need to be installed over freely supported single spans or continuous spans with butted ends.

Z and C purlins are widely used in the construction of roofing systems. They comprise of a fully compatible range of Z sections profiles which are made up of cold rolled steel which can be easily installed on different types of roofing systems. Z and C purlin suppliers also provide a wide range of compatible accessories which suit different types of cladding type and designs. Most Z and C purlins are manufactured from pre-hot dipped galvanized steel which exhibits high tensile strength. Some popular locations to get in touch with Z and C purlin retailers in the UAE are Al Aweer Sheikh Zayed Road, New Industrial area Ajman, Al Quoz Industrial area, Salam Street, Hamdan Street, Electra Street and Industrial area 11 in Sharjah.