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Aluminium And Aluminium Products in Al Ain

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About Aluminium and Aluminium Products

Aluminium Market Share

UAE, world’s fourth major aluminum producer, represents more than 50 % of the Gulf's aluminum production and keeps fortifying its proposition in the international market, complimented by a powerful economic development that presents enormous new chances to extensive industry players.

Aluminum is a ductile, light weight material that can cater to various purposes, it is the 3rd most common mineral found on the earth’s crust and is used largely in industries such as transport, buildings and packaging. The lustrous white metal is pervasive and finds its uses in almost all the sectors of industries. It is a Non-combustible construction material and a metal that is long lasting and ecofriendly.

Aluminum being light weight makes it an ideal metal for the building of air crafts. The wheels, certain parts of the engine, frames of cars and motorcycles are also made of aluminum. The use of aluminum in automobiles reduces the weight of the vehicle therefore reducing fuel consumption of the vehicle. Aluminum foils are commonly used to pack food. Aluminum foils are the most preferred food packaging material in the UAE, their non-toxic and non-reactive nature makes it the most suitable metal for making sturdy kitchen ware. It's utilized as a part of pop jars and other bundling, in air ship and autos, and even in mobile phones.

Aluminum has become an important building material in the modern day’s construction with the growing number of high rise buildings and sky scrapers. High rise buildings are a reality in the presence of aluminum due to its high tensile strength and malleability. The Aluminum manufacturing companies in the UAE cater to the varied needs of customers by providing them with aluminum sheets, bars, rods, panels, tubes and other shapes as requested by the customer.

Aluminum cladding is used extensively to construct sustainable buildings in the UAE. It is the most suitable material for the frameworks of huge construction. Aluminum is one of the designable metals which is subjected to fabrication for various purposes.

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