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Blasting Grit Supplies in UAE

South Zone, Jebel Ali Free ZoneJebel Ali, UAE 17927

About Blasting Grit Supplies

Blasting Grit Supplies

Grit blasting or abrasive grit blasting is a process to treat surfaces used in many industries for various purposes. During the process, abrasive particles impinge on a component to clean the surface of the object. Abrasive media or abrasive particles are accelerated through a blasting nozzle, powered by compressed air. These particles vary with each component and the material of the object to be treated. Blasting grit or abrasive grit materials range from soft grit like walnut shells to hard grit like alumina and emery particles. Some common types of abrasive blasting grit used are: Steel grit, crushed glass, sand, plastic, corncob, baking soda, glass beads, steel shots, copper slag, silicon carbide, and ceramic grit.

Choosing the right kind of abrasive grit to use in the grit blasting procedure is crucial to the success of the process. These varying abrasive materials or git differ in hardness, density, shape, and size. In most cases, various types of grit are sampled and tested before the final choice of grit and size is made. Grit blasting equipment varies from industry to industry, depending on various factors and requirements specific to certain industries. Grit blasting equipment commonly includes dedicated automatic high-production models, hand cabinets, and complete robotic systems equipped with closed-loop process controls. The types of machinery or blasting equipment used also depends on of the surface treatment applied and the end-use of the component.

In more general terms, abrasive grit blasting is also called sandblasting, which is considered a low-tech process. However, this is a vital process used in the removal of rust and to prepare various surfaces for high-performance coatings and to before applying a finish on a final product. Various types of blasting grit are manufactured, packaged and supplied to customers in the construction and industrial sectors. Manufacturers and suppliers of all types of blasting grit in the UAE can be found across the Emirates in Industrial locations like the South Zone of the Jebel Ali Free Zone.