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Busduct in UAE

About Busduct

Busduct manufactures create different models of busducts to address different voltage requirements. It improves the performance of power distribution systems, therefore, it is widely used in municipal electricity power grids and industrial power plants as they transmit a large amount of electricity. It is the best and economical method in power transportation. Busbars, busducts and busways are used in hospitals, hotels, department stores, large offices and other commercial and industrial locations. A busduct is a special type of a busbar which is used to conduct electricity without the use of another source or a booster. It is used in both commercial and industrial applications. It is enclosed in an electrical box or a busway which is designed to withstand a high-intensity electrical current. A busduct acts as a source of electricity in most applications and takes little space as it conducts a large amount of electric current. A busduct is nothing but a special type of bus bar which has a cross-sectional sizing which in the shape of a flat strip that is attached to the wall. Most of them have a cross-sectional sizing which is designed to carry a maximum amount of current in one go. Most busducts come with an additional protective cover which directs the transmitted current safely through the busway.

A Busbar is a conductor or a group of conductors which are used to collect electrical power from an incoming feeder and transfer it to another source. It is nothing but an electric junction which deals with transferring incoming and outgoing electrical currents by administering them. Electrical busbars comprise of an isolator and a circuit breaker. In the event of a voltage fluctuation or a problem, the circuit breaker is tripped off to prevent damage to the machine. It is a point where most currents meet in a single location. Busbars come in rectangular, cross-sectional and round shapes as they are mostly used in the power system. The most commonly used one is the rectangular busbar as it is the most reliable type of bar. They can be easily arranged and easy to maintain as it involves a minimum cost for maintenance.

The single busbar arrangement is an easy simple arrangement which consists of only one bus bar which is present along the switch. It is cheap, requires minimal maintenance and is simple in operation. It can be connected to two circuit breakers and supply current to two sources as it can be linked to two outgoing feeders.

Busways are made up of bare copper conductors which are supported on an inorganic insulator such as porcelain or plastic. These conductors are enclosed within a non-ventilated steel housing. Busways are widely used in the automotive field as they are efficient in performing electromechanical operations. Aluminium busways can be sandwiched between bus bars. Similarly, individual busbars can be wrapped together and enclosed in a busway.

Busducts are made up of a cold-formed steel side rails which are covered with thin sheet coverings. Some popular locations to find busduct retailers in the UAE are Rashidiya, Umm Ramool, Musaffah Industrial area, ICAD, Tourist Club area, Minadth Zayed, Reem Island, Al Abraj street, Al Quoz industrial area, Rolla and King Faisal road.