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Car Stuffing in UAE

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About Car Stuffing

Car stuffing is the process of shipping cars from one location to another by sea or air. Vehicles are stuffed in large containers and the tires are locked on to the ship's deck. A ship can hold up to 30 vehicles depending on its size. A shipping agent is appointed to make sure that the cargo is carried to the location safely and carefully. Client's who make use of these services are assured safe delivery, some shipping companies pay for ensuring the customers' vehicle. Shipping agents make sure that all legal documents related to the vehicle are in order and assist customers with immigration and customs check. Companies which provide car stuffing and freight forwarding services to customers take care of the export duty charges and other taxes.

Car shipping companies ensure that the car remains damage free during transportation. They must make sure there is very little fuel in the car as a fully filled tank will increase the risk of fire. They also ensure that the car batteries do not leak acid. Shipping agents make sure that the cars are securely fastened and packed with a protective material, this ensures that the vehicle will not face damage. Using heavy large containers will minimize the risk of damage, these containers are made up of high-grade metal which can withstand massive impact. They can hold 3 to 5 vehicles depending on its size and are highly durable. Car stuffing companies also deal with transporting mopeds, motorcycles, bicycles, yachts, motorboats, jet skis, ATV’s and other motorized vehicles. They take care of all legal procedures involved in shipping.

Shipping companies get in touch with customs and immigration agents to assist clients go through customs and immigration check-ups. They charge you by ocean freight rate per entire sea freight container. If you are transporting multiple cars they will charge you a net rate for cars present in one container. Some companies offer discounts if you transport multiple cars. Logistics companies which provide car shipping services consolidate cars in a 40 feet high cube sea container securing them and loading them by using hinged dock levellers. Some popular locations to get in touch with car stuffing companies in UAE are Ras Al Khor, Al Aweer, Sheikh Zayed road, Hamdan Street, Al Quoz industrial area, Al Quasis, Airport Road Abu Dhabi, Defence road, Electra street, Khilidiya, Karama, Musaffah, Deira, SAIF zone, industrial area 13 Sharjah, Salam Street King Faisal Road, Rolla, Najda street and Nasser street.

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