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Architectural Metal Works in Dubai

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Products & Services : Architectural Models

About Architectural Metal Works

Architectural Metal Works

Architectural metal work is nothing but custom fabrication of metals, railings, glass, aluminium, furniture and hardware. Listed are the leading architectural metal works builders in UAE. They manufacture quality non-destructive metal railing system apart from installing and repairing. If you are looking for perfect cable and metal railing system then you have reached the right place. Here we have curated the list of architectural metal work contractors with contact details.

Architectural metal works include all the materials and are not limited to certain metals like brass aluminium and steel. Architectural metal works are generally performed in gates, grilles, doors, ladders, staircase, platforms, bollards, shutters etc. Top metal work contractors design, fabricate and install the architectural metal works in steel, brass and aluminium. Their projects speak about the quality of metal works that they deliver to the client. High standards of architectural detailing are given to every project with a unique design and style.

  • Why perforated metals are preferred in architectural metal works?

    Architects generally prefer perforated metals over wood and glass because of the high strength properties of metals. Metals are much stronger than plastics as they provide high strength and stability to the designs. Above all, they are heat resistant, durable and affordable.

  • What are the benefits of using metal in architectural construction?

    Metals are versatile and can withstand adverse weather conditions. Metal allows the reduction of materials in landfills and hence can be reused without much wastage. The reflective coating on the metal panels reduces the harmful UV radiation.