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Asset Register in Dubai

903, Al Hawai Tower, Before 1st I-Change, Sh Zayed RdDubai64003

About Asset Register

Asset Register

Asset register contains of a record of all fixed assets owned by a business. The recorded assets include office equipment, land, buildings, manufacturing equipment, vehicles, computer software licenses, patents, trademarks, copy rights etc. The record contains information about each properties date of purchase, installation costs, maintenance or repair cost, estimated life, warranty period, resale value, daily usage and annual depreciation. Maintaining a record of your property helps you claim insurance, perform scheduled maintenance, coordinate replacement, claim warranty, and calculate reduction and payment charges. This does not only benefit industrial owners but also clients and investors.

Maintaining an asset register helps in assisting both long term and short term planning. They can prove to be a valuable planning tool for business and track details of their resources. They ease up the auditing process and prevent fraud or unauthorized access. Business owners can keep their assets well organized and help maximize revenues. It enables clients forecast profits and obtain financial support from banks or money lending organizations. A physical asset register paves a platform to manage maintenance schedules and work orders. A digital asset register uses software tools to import asset data into the database. They support all types of formats such as excel sheets, photos and scanned barcodes. They use a centralized database which can be updated with a click of a button. This database grants access to authorized personnel. They help large industries merge financial departments with engineering systems. They ensure transparency and accurate accountability. Some popular locations to get in touch with the best companies which provide asset registering services in Dubai are Al Hawai tower and Sheik Zayed road.