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Automatic Number Plate Recognition in Dubai

About Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Automatic number plate recognition software automatically reads the vehicle number plates using the object detection technology method. They recognize the character present in the digital image through the unique form of optical character recognition to peruse the number plate of the vehicle that crosses the observation video. Vehicle identification software not just catches and stores the pictures from camera yet additionally stores the content in the pictures like number plate subtle elements. The advantages of utilizing programmed number plate acknowledgment system are to recognize and screen the vehicle, identify and match the registration number against the vehicle, distinguish the blacklisted vehicle. This diminishes the crime rate to a greater extend. Reading the number plate automatically refers to converting the pixels of the image into computer aided ASCII text of the licensed number plate. There are a few other living articulations for ANPR, for example, number plate reading, number plate recognition, optical character recognition software, Vehicle detection, vehicle identification, Number plate Character Recognition, image segmentation, object detection, automatic plate reading, optical plate recognition, vehicle plate recognition, automatic license plate recognition, car number OCR.

This automatic vehicle detection equipment is very much in demand right now in order to control the increasing violations in traffic rules and in the crime rate. So this character recognition system scans all the vehicles plying around the region and acts as a perfect solution for mass surveillance. Omnitec handles a wide range of Dubai police approved and SIRA approved Automatic number plate systems which can be used in places like petrol pumps, shopping malls, It parks, hospitals, theme parks, commercial parking lots, Government office building and many other public places where better security is required.

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