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CATERPILLAR Air Conditioning Parts | CATERPILLAR Brake System Parts | CATERPILLAR Electrical System Parts | CATERPILLAR Engine Parts | CATERPILLAR Filtration Filter | CATERPILLAR Fuel Injection Pumps | CATERPILLAR Fuel Pumps | CATERPILLAR Gasket Sensors | CATERPILLAR Hydraulic Oil Pumps | CATERPILLAR Hydraulic Parts | CATERPILLAR Seals | CATERPILLAR Switches | CATERPILLAR Transmission Parts | CATERPILLAR Turbo Chargers | CATERPILLAR Undercarriage Spare Parts | CATERPILLAR Water Injection Pumps | CUMMINS Alternators | CUMMINS Camshafts | CUMMINS Crankshafts | CUMMINS Cylinder Head | CUMMINS Diesel Generator Sets and Spare Parts | CUMMINS Engine Parts | CUMMINS Fuel Injectors | CUMMINS Fuel Pumps | CUMMINS Generator Parts | CUMMINS Injuction Pumps | CUMMINS Oil Pumps | CUMMINS Piston | CUMMINS Starter Motor Alternators | CUMMINS Turbo Chargers | CUMMINS Water Pumps | DOOSAN Construction Equipment and Spare Parts | DOOSAN Engine Parts and Spare Parts | DOWIN Chisels | DOWIN Drilling Heads Fetches | DOWIN Hammers | DOWIN Lactose | DOWIN Levers | FP DIESEL Automotive Parts | HYUNDAI Engine Parts and Spare Parts | JCB Engine Parts and Spare Parts | KOMATSU Air Compressor Parts | KOMATSU Bearings | KOMATSU Brake System Parts | KOMATSU Construction and Mining Equipment Parts | KOMATSU Cooling System Parts | KOMATSU Engine Parts | KOMATSU Filters | KOMATSU Hydraulic Parts | KOMATSU Hydraulic Pumps | KOMATSU Oil Pumps | KOMATSU Steering System Parts | KOMATSU Transmission Parts | KOMATSU Turbochargers | KOMATSU Under Carriage Parts Pump Fuel | KOMATSU Water Injection Pumps | MAK Automotive Belts | MAK Chisels | MAK Clothing | MAK Engine Parts | MAK Engine Parts and Spare Parts | MAK Generators & Parts | MAK GET Parts | MAK Helmets | MAK Hydraulic Brakes & Parts | MAK Safety Shoes | MAK Undercarriage Parts | PERKINS Engine Parts | PERKINS Engine Parts and Spare Parts | PERKINS Fuel Injector Pumps | PERKINS Generator Parts | PERKINS Injection Pumps | PERKINS Oil Pumps | PERKINS Pump Fuel Water | SOOSAN Chisel | SOOSAN Cylinders | SOOSAN Piston | SOOSAN Seal Kits |Read More...
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FiltersSpringsSpur Gears and Helical GearsSS Floating BallStarter Motors and Relay, Taper Roller BearingsThermostatsTP Wood Coupling and ElementsV Ban Clamps and Turbo ClampsWater Flow MetersBearingsO Ring SealsNational Oil SealsActuator Valves Electric and PneumaticAnti Vibration MountingsBag FiltersBattery and AccessoriesBrake and Clutch Liner FabricationCentaflex CouplingsCooling Tower Fan and BladeDiaphragmsDura Flex CouplingsExpansion Bellows SSFuel HosesGasket SheetsGear MotorsGland Packing and Ceramic Fiber RopeGreaseHeater and Heater ElementsHoses And FittingsHydraulic Equipment Tools And SuppliesHydraulic SealsIndustrial HosesIndustrial Roller Chain and SprocketsLayflat HoseMagnetic Level Float Switch-Side MountedMechanical SealsMotor Coupling and ElementsMotor Pulley and V BeltsNeedle Roller BearingsO Ring and O Ring CodeOil Seals and Pneumatic SealsPillow Block and Plummer Block BearingsPlastic Cable ChainPneumatic Cylinder and Pneumatic JackPneumatic Push Fittings and HosesPower Transmission EquipmentPressure GaugesPressure RegulatorsPressure Sensor-Pressure TransmittersProximity SensorsPu PadsRadiator HosesRexnord Omega CouplingsRubber BeadingsRubber FendersRubber Sheet Neoprene and EPDMShim SheetSilicon Hoses BlueSolenoid Valve and CoilSpacer Disc CouplingsSpherical Roller BearingsHoses and BeltingHydraulic Equipment-Tools and SuppliesRead More...
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AGMA Corrosion Control Products | AGMAPLC Corrosion Protection Paints | ALBEMARLE(AKZONOBEL) Catalyst - Alkylatin / Dealkylatin & Catalyst - Cracking | ALLEN-BRADLEY Industrial Automation | ALLENBRADLEY(ROCKWELLAUTOMATION) Industrial Automation( P L C) Control | AMAFILTER Filters - Water | AMAFILTERBV Water Filters - Industrial | APPLIEDCORROSION Corrosion Inhibitors | (ARMATEC)A Personal Protective Equipment | ARPOL(UNIONES) Couplings & Rupture Disc | AXIMA Refrigeration Equipment | AXIMA(SULZERFRIOTHERM) Refrigeration System / Chillers & Cooling Towers | BELLISS&MORCOM(HAMWORTHY) Compressor Systems & Marine Auxiliary Eqpt | CHEMECOL Reduced Emissions & Environment Protection | CROWNENERGY R I G M F G | DRAKEANDSCULL Electromechanical Construction Contractor | EZM Loading Arms | EZM Loading Arms - Trucks | FAF Valves | FAFVALVES BalLValves | FRIOTHERM Refrigeration Equipment and Systems - Parts | GARDNER DENVER Air Compressors | GERMANISCHERLLOYD Inspection Services | GEW&PT Waterand Process Chemicals / Water Equipment | GREENFIELD High Pressure Compressors & Systemfor Industrial Gases | HAMWORTHYKSE Oily Water Separators Incinerators | HONEYWELL Fire and Gas System | HONEYWELL Portable Gas Detectors | HONEYWELL(ZELLWEGER ANALYTICS) Fire Detection Equipment and Systems | HONEYWELL(ZELLWEGER ANALYTICS) Gas Detectors | JUNG PUMPEN Pumps | JUNGPUMPEN Sewage & Waste Water Pumps & Accessories | KE-BURGMANN Expansion Joints | KE-BURGMANN ( Metal | KITAMURA VALVE(KTM) Valves | KITAMURAVALVEMFG(KTM) BalLValves | KNITMESH Demister Pads | KNITMESH Spark Arresters | KOROSISPECINDO Corrosionand Erosion Monitoring Equipment | NUOVASAIMAR Shutdownmaint & Tank Cleaning Svcs | OIL CENTER RESEARCH Corrosion Control Products | OILCENTERRESEARCH Lubricants | SAMSON ControLValves | SAMSON Valves | SKODA Cars | SULZER All Typesof Centrifugal Pumps( A P I610) | SULZER CHEMTECH Pressure Vessels | SULZERCHEMTECH Tower Interals & Packing | SULZER PUMPS Pumps | SULZER PUMPS Pumps - Agitation | SVR(SPECIALITYVALVESRESEARCH) Gate | WARTSILANEWSULZER DIESEL Diesel Enginesfor Marine | WEATHERFORD(ENTERRA) Fishing Eqpt & Downhole Drilling Equipment Supply & Rental |Read More...
About Filters

There are many types of filters in Dubai. From filtering water to gas, the filtration process is used by many people and companies. When filtering water or gas, the main objective is to clear out all the impurities within them. The purification process collects all the dirt, substances and various other unwanted particles with the help of a filtration device. These devices can be used to clear air, water and even the ground. The air filtration process is carried out through different methods using various purification devices. The air is made to pass through minute strainers where dust particles are captured in the end giving out clean air. Water purification consists of devices placed within the water which through its chemical nature attracts and collects all the impurities present in the water

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