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Hessian Bags in Dubai

About Hessian Bags

Hessian Bags in UAE

The hessian bag is manufactured by using fine jute material, renders perfect strength to the hessian gunny sacks. Today every industry uses hessian bags for packaging. Some supermarkets even use customised hessian bags to restrain from using plastic bags. Hessian bags are 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable. These jute fabrics hessian bags are used in industries like construction, agriculture, transportation, food, clothing, upholstery etc. Hessian bags are a great alternative for plastic bags as this avoids the dumping of plastic bags. Hessian bags are breathable in nature making it ideal for transporting vegetables like potatoes. This breathable nature supplies enough air and avoids the vegetables from getting spoiled or rotten. The standard size of the B twills jute hessian bags are 44 inches * 26.5 inches which are 112cm * 68cm holds a weight od 2.25Lbs. Hessian bags are used to store foods, grains, granules, building materials, sands etc. Get in touch with the listed hessian bag wholesale suppliers in UAE.