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Insulation Contractors in Dubai

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About Insulation Contractors

Insulation contractors deal with insulating your home or office building. They help you choose the best type of insulation for your building by analysing your building layout. They also offer suggestions as to where to add the insulation and which area is prone to leakage. They provide a cost estimate for the service and also offer air sealing services which cover air leaks as well. Insulation contractors measure the batt thickness and check for any sign of gaps between the batts and framing area as well. They inspect the insulation carefully and ensure that it is tightly fitted around the building components especially around the areas which penetrate the covering. They further inspect the covering by measuring its depth and checking for any sign of gap. Some contractors assist customers in conducting a periodic inspection and also offers spare insulation which can be used in case of emergency. However, it is advisable to appoint insulation contractors to do your job.

Insulation contractors install different types of insulation which include batts and roll insulation, concrete block insulation, insulating concrete blocks, foam board or rigid foam, insulating concrete forms, loose fill and blown in, reflective system, rigid fibrous insulation, sprayed foam and structural insulated panels. Batts and roll insulation is made up of fibreglass material or mineral wool. It is applied to unfinished walls such as foundation walls, floors and ceilings. It is fitted between studs, joists and beams. This type of covering is best suited for standard studs and joist spacing which is free from obstructions and is relatively inexpensive. Concrete block insulation is made up of a foam board which is placed on the outer wall of homes. Some of them use foam beads or air into the concrete mix to increase the overall strength of the wall accordingly. It is used in unfinished walls such as foundation walls, major renovations and walls with insulating concrete blocks. Insulation contractors stack the blocks and surface bind them without using motors. This type of covering is placed outside the concrete block and is placed in a conditioned space which can endure moderate indoor temperatures. It has ten times the insulating value of conventional concrete, therefore, making them suitable for high-intensity applications.

Insulation contractors use foam boards or rigid foams which are made up of polystyrene, polyisocyanurate or polyurethane. This covering is used in unfinished walls, such as foundation walls, floors, ceilings and unvented low slope roofs. Contractors cover materials which are prone to leakage with twelve-inch gypsum board type insulation, They also cover buildings with weatherproof facing. Foam board insulations have a high insulating value with limited thickness. It is designed to block thermal short circuits when they are insulated with frames or joists.

Insulating contractors use insulating concrete forms as a part of the building structure. This is used in unfinished walls such as foundation walls for new construction. These coverings are installed as a part of the building structure for better thermal resistance. Some popular locations to get in touch with insulation contractors in Dubai are Musaffah Deira, Ittihad street, Al Quasis Industrial area 4, Business Bay, port saeed, Al Owais building, Ras Al Khor and International city.