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Plastic Planters in Dubai

About Plastic Planters

Plastic planters are economical version of terracotta planters but that adds little more convenience. First its light weight, that makes it easy to carry and reposition wherever necessary, whenever necessary. Second it non-porous and prevents water perspiration in the air. This gives extra days to water the plants again. Third, its freeze resistant. and provide the growing medium a small guard against the freezing outdoor temperatures. These properties makes the plastic planters ideal to be used as lining material between the growing medium and elegant decorative containers. Being a lining between the plant roots, moisture of the growing medium, making the decorative container to have a long life against the damage against the mould and roots. Plastic planters can be molded into all shapes and sizes. Vertical gardens and other modern gardening and landscaping wouldn't have evolved so much without using these plastic planters.