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Pottery in Dubai

About Pottery

Pottery is the art of turning clay or ceramic into pots and utensils that can be used to store oils, grains and other liquids. The art of pottery was practiced in UAE since the 5 century BC. Pottery was also imported from other countries and used in the country. Pottery was also used as an object of decoration to adorn houses. Ceramic and alluvial soil was the main components that were used in the manufacturing of pottery. During archaeological digs in UAE pottery was found, especially in many burial tombs. It is considered one of the oldest crafts of the Emiratis. Pottery in the modern world is used mainly as a decorative object. The Emiratis are still practicing the age old craft and there are places in UAE where pottery classes are offered. Khalidiya in Abu Dhabi is one such place that has centers that offer pottery classes. Professional potters from around the globe are invited to the country to produce pottery.