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School Furniture in Dubai

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About School Furniture

School Furniture

School Furniture providers deal with a wide range of furniture from classroom desks and tables to cafeteria tables and chalk boards. Schools are places where students interact, learn and have fun. The furniture dealers listed with us feature a vast collection of school furniture in UAE. There are many types of school furniture that fall under several categories, with different styles and designs to choose from. The way the furniture is arranged and the type of furniture found in a school depends on type of school as well the d├ęcor, theme and style of the institute.

The class rooms in some schools are furnished with single seat desks with a foldable table component attached. Some other class rooms are furnished with row tables and desks that seat multiple students. And some class rooms are fitted with row tables and single chairs that are placed in a row behind each table. Apart from seats and tables for the students, most class rooms also have tables or desks for teachers, with or without drawers and storage units. Some other types of furniture found in a class room include cupboards, file cabinets, shelves, lockers and stands. Besides furnishing found in class rooms, there are other pieces of furniture that are found in a school. Staff tables and cabinets, lockers, lunch room tables, lunch counters, lab and computer tables, book shelves and office furniture.

Apart from all these pieces of furniture, special schools and specialty class rooms require special types of furniture. These include smart class room fittings, gym equipment, work benches and so on. There are several world renowned traders and producers of school furniture in UAE listed with us. These stores and outlets can be found at places like SAIF Zone in Sharjah, Madinat Zayed in Abu Dhabi and Al Ittihad road in Deira, Dubai.