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About Tile Grout

Tile Grout in UAE

Tile grouts give a strong bonding and sealing between the tiles. Tile grouts reduce the moisture entering between the tiles and avoid cracks. There are three main types of grouts available in the market. They are cementitious grouts, epoxy grouts and furan grouts. Cementitious and epoxy grouts are available in a wide range of colours to match the tiles. Furan grouts are available only in black. Listed tile grout suppliers offer an array of high-quality grouts that can reduce abrasions.

Epoxy Grout for Shower & Wet Areas

Epoxy grout is the most expensive tile grout compared to the other tile grouting options. Most professionals use epoxy grout because they are available in multiple colours and are easy to clean. They won't leave stains on the tiles.

Epoxy Grout Special Features

Epoxy Grout has high-performance, fast-setting nature
Flexible and Mould-resistant
Water repellent and ideal for the construction industry in GCC
They are ready to use
Available in multiple colours upto 40 colours
Contains dry solid content of upto 100
Contains a bulk density of 1400
Fluid paste with an approximate pH mix of 11
Application temperature includes +5 degrees Celcius to +35 degrees Celcius
Excellent resistance to solvents, oil and alkalis

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