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Uninterruptible Power Supply in Dubai

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Products & Services : Uninterruptible Power Supply, UPS
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Products & Services : Uninterruptible Power Supply, UPS

About Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supply

An Uninterruptible power supply or a UPS is a device, which allows a computer or equipment to run for a short while after the main source of power is lost. These devices provide immediate emergency backup power to computers and equipment due to power loss or failure. Unlike other emergency power systems like standby generators, UPS provides supplies power from a backup source immediately after the primary source of power fails. This allows the device to stay functional for a few minutes so that data can be saved and the device can be shut down properly. These devices are very useful as they help prevent loss of data and dangerous circumstances related to sudden loss of power. They also protect equipment against power surges.

Uninterruptible power supply devices are not of one standard make and capacity; they differ in size, capacity and use. The vary in size from small UPS, the size of a shoebox, designed to protect one computer or CPU, to large, high-capacity UPS devices used to power entire IT buildings and sectors. The working of these devices depends on their dependence or independence of two factors- voltage and frequency. These devices consist of a battery or flywheel, which is charged and provides backup power when the main power source fails. The device comes into play with providing emergency power when senses loss or a sudden drop or break in power supply from the main power source.

The device converts Alternating Current (AC) into Direct Current (DC) as it passes through a rectifier. The DC charges the batteries or flywheels and is simultaneously converted back into AC as it passes through an inverter. This steady AC converted by the inverter passes through to the computer or equipment as a normal power source. These devices are necessities at home and in offices to prevent loss of unsaved data and to prevent damage to equipment. An Uninterruptible power supply in Dubai is necessary for hospitals, airlines, gas suppliers, and defence establishments.

There are many suppliers of uninterruptible power supply in Dubai. Some of these dealers can be found on Al Mina Road, Sheik Zayeed Road, Firz-Munar, Karama and so on. Most of the UPS devices in the market in Dubai are state-of-the-art in their design, capacity and extremely proficient in their functioning.