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Facade Panels in UAE

About Facade Panels

Facade panels are highly durable exterior wall cladding which is used to cover buildings, residential areas and other large structures. They not only protect the building but also provide ventilation to the building accordingly. Decorative facade panels are designed to blend in with the architecture of the building. It is coated with decorative pain which enhances the appearance of the building. It is an important component in architecture as it sets the tone of the building. It is known for its energy-efficient properties as it increases the cooling efficiency of air conditioners without consuming excess electricity. It also improves the overall efficiency of heating ventilating and air conditioning equipment as it prevents excess heat, cold or sunlight. Since they are set up to enclose the frame of the building it provides privacy and gives the building a unique look. Facade panel designers create different types panels according to your liking. They study your building architecture and come up with a unique customized design which suits your structure. They look for gaps and cover them with other types of wall cladding which are similar to facade panels. They create a composite material which is fabricated on site and installed carefully. They also design aluminium facade panels which give a shining appearance to your building. If desired they make panels which are designed to remain leak proof and water resistant.

There are different types of facade panels that are available in the market. Some popular panels include composite panel, anodized aluminium panel, aluminium composite panel, brick designed panel, wooden facade panel, Atena formal facade panel and ataxite facade panel. Other types of facade panels include fibre reinforced slab panel, concrete reinforced panel, metal reinforced panel, reinforced aluminium panel and composite outdoor panel. Facade panels make the best option for an exterior wall cladding as they are strong durable and weather resistant. Some popular types include rain screen facades and balcony terrace panels.

Facade designers get in touch with engineers and interior designers to construct unitised facades. Unitised facades are prefabricated assembled units which are portable. They can be created at the facility and moved to the environment site for quick installation. They are designed with a width of a glazing bay and a two-storey panel which is fully glazed and sealed off at the site. Designers use gaskets, glazing beads and decorative designs on the panel and construct them in factory controlled sites. Unitised facade panels are designed in such a manner that they can blend in with any environment or any building structure. They can be used in technically challenging projects as they can be refurbished in different ways. They do not dictate uniformly as they can be moulded into various designs and come in a mixture of different shapes, sizes and colours. Facade panel structures can be easily installed and are easy to maintain. Facade panel designers offer a wide range of aesthetic variations by allowing architects to use different variations of finishes and external feature caps and glazing specifications. Some popular locations to get in touch with companies which design and sell facade panels in the UAE are Deira, Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, Musaffah, Jebel Ali and Al Maktoum Street.

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