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Fishing Boats in UAE

About Fishing Boats

Fishing boats of fishing vessels are designed with fishing nets which are detachable. They are used for commercial purposes, recreational activity and other maritime activities. There are different types of fishing vessels which are designed for different applications. Seiners are fishing boats which are widely used in oceans and seas. They are equipped with a singularly shaped fish net which is designed to capture fish near the surface using suitable bait. Most of these fishing nets resemble huge flotation devices but as fishes are captured in the net the net will automatically sink down automatically. These fishing boats are made up of wood which makes them easier to float. Most of them are equipped with state of the art technological gadgets which enable them to increase catch returns effectively.

Longliners are troller type fishing vessels which use a single long fishing chord which houses around 1,000 lures. These chords are deployed from the tail end of the vessel where the fish can be stored easily. Another popular type of fishing vessel is the gillnetters which use a large grillnet system that can be operated manually or by using a technologically aided net for better results. These vessels can be easily modified for use in larger fishing operations as they use modern fishing gadgets with a gillnetting technique. Crabbers are large fishing boats which are used extensively for capturing crab and fish. They are also known as fish trap boards and are equipped with unique aids and accessories which help trap crustaceans. Crabbers haul trapping aids using automated windlass for an easier transaction. Trawlers are commonly used in commercial fishing applications and are equipped with large trawler nets which can be suspended using different aids. Trawler fishing boats are used to catch a wide array of fishes in different locations. There are eight different types of trawlers which are outrigger trawlers, beam trawlers, otter trawlers, pair trawlers, side trawlers, stern trawlers, freezer trawlers and wet fish trawlers.

Drifters are special fishing boats which make use of special drift fishing nets which is used to trap and haul fishes. These nets appear like drapes and are specially designed to capture herring fishes. Factory ship is a special fishing boat which is not only equipped with fishing nets and fishing aids but also with a minor processing factory which processes captured fish and makes them ready for consumption. They are relatively expensive and are widely used for large-scale commercial applications.

There are different types of purse seiners which are very effective at targeting aggregate pelagic species which are present near the surface of the water. They are equipped with a deep curtain netting which is joined with bow thrusters which are best suited for better manoeuvrability. Here the bottom of the net is closed by using a wire which runs from the vessel along the bottom of the vessel. Most fishing vessels are equipped with fishing gear such as drum winches, puretic power blocks, fish baits, large nylon nets and much more. Some popular locations to find fishing boats in the UAE are Sheikh Zayed road, Al Rigga, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed road, Gulf craft building, Reem Island, Hamdan Steet and Jumeirah.