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Arabic Lebanese Restaurants in Fujairah

Near KFC, Bhnd Fujairah Trade CentreFujairah09-223111309-22336675020
Beside Madina S/Market, Al GurfaFujairah09-2222281252

About Arabic/Lebanese Restaurants

Arabic/Lebanese Restaurants in Fujairah are very popular among tourists, businessmen as well as families who are seeking to experience fine Arab/Lebanese cuisine. These restaurants are popular for business meetings and socialising. The dishes at the restaurant focus on bread, olive oil and eggs and several meat items. They are known for a range of aromatic and delicately spiced menu offerings. Guests can choose from several chicken, meat and lamb items. However, the restaurants do not serve pork-based dishes as pork meat is highly forbidden. Among the various Arabic restaurants, the famous ones are Lebanese, Egyptian, Moroccan, Syrian and Jordanian restaurants

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