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Digital Forensics in Fujairah

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About Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics are also referred to as computer forensics is nothing but the analysis of the system or the digital network using the investigory techniques and finds the digital attacks and security crime. Digital forensics follows cruicial step process that includes collection, ecamination, analysis and report. Collection refers to the method of seizing the physical hardwares that includes computer, laptops and even mobile phones without losing any data in the gadget. Next comes the examination method where all the dats aer carefully examined, identified and extracted. Every individual piece of data information is analysed to find if linked with the current case for digital evidence and computer crime. Analysis and reporting finalises the data that is gathered to prove the crime of incident response and computer forensics. Digital forensics expert analyse all type of cyber crime that includes apco digital evidence, mobile digital foremsics, big data forensic analysis, data recovery in the computer forensic system, black swan digital forensics. Digotal forensic experts use tools that can capture the risk analysis, email. mobile, network and data analysis report to maintain safe and secure network system in any organization. Listed here are the major digital forensic experts who can analyse and report the most vulnerable points of the network which can be corrected to avoid any kind of computer crime.