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Hand Sanitizer in UAE

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About Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer - Wholesale manufacturers and suppliers

Listed here are the leading wholesale manufacturers and suppliers of hand sanitizers. If you are looking for bulk sanitizer supplies for retails, healthcare industry and for industrial employees, here we have the most trusted, reliable and verified sanitizer manufacturing companies in Uae. With the outbreak of COVID 19, there is a huge requirement for hand santizers in the market for the need of protection. Sanitizer manufacturers work on the full capacity to meet the need of hand sanitizers in the market. Sanitizers use alcohol to kill 99% of the germs to protect yourself and your family from the disease-causing virus.

  • Will hand sanitizers curb the effect of COVID 19?

    To put a stop for the spread of the virus, it is required to wash our hands with water and soap for a minimum of 20 seconds after using the washroom, coughing and before food. Hand sanitizers come as a lifesaver and they act as a portable cleanser that performs similar action of washing hands with soap and water. Sanitizers with 60% alcohol are the ideal hand sanitizers recommended by the World Health Organization.

  • How much amount of sanitizer should we use on every wash?

    Generally, it is recommended to use a quarter of the size to rub the hands. While using hand sanitizers, there is a series of hand cleaning steps which need to be followed. It cleans every part of the hand like top, bottom, fingertips, nails and around the finger edges.

  • Can we pat dry our hands after using hand sanitizers?

    No. It is highly not recommended to pat dry or wave the hands after using hand sanitizers as it might catch other microorganisms in the air. The best practice is to rub your hands until the sanitizers get dry on the skin.

Various Forms of Sanitizers

Based on the type of ingredients used sanitizers can be classified as alcohol-based and alcohol-free sanitizers. The concentration of alcohol in alcohol sanitizers range from 60% to 95% usually in the form of ethanol, isopropanol or propanal. Hand sanitizers are available in different forms like foam, lotion or gel comprising of water and solvent. Hand disinfectant acts as an antiseptic and is a supplement for washing hands with soap and water. Superior quality hand sanitizers are available in large digital dispensers and handy sanitizer sachets. Auto sanitizer dispensers are the most sought after in the current situation. Touch free sanitizer dispensers are also available with the listed sanitizer manufacturers. They follow the regulation recommended by WHO globally in formulating the sanitizers. All of their products are 70% alcoholic, nonallergic, paraben-free, effective against bacteria, no colour used, translucent and dermatologist tested.

Top sanitizer brands in Dubai

Top grade hand sanitizers and disinfectants help to keep the living space and hands clean preventing the transmission of harmful bacteria and virus. NCL, PURELL, and Micro Chem sanitizers are some of the leading brands available in gel, spray, liquid and foam forms. Most of them are citrus scented.


* Net content of 1200ml of 12 case pack
* Wall-mounted dispenser with multiple colours
* sight window to check


* 1200ml content purell liquid hand sanitizer
* Clinically proven to kill 99.99% germs
* Available in Pet bottles and sachets
* Crystal clear transparent bottle to monitor the filling level

Hand Sanitizers Bulk Suppliers in UAE

If you are looking for bulk sanitizers for your corporate office at a much reasonable rate, here we have leading suppliers of branded hand sanitizers in UAE. They also supply high-quality automatic hand sanitizers to avoid multiple touches on the knob that might cause the spread of germs. They also deliver handy portable sanitizer sachets of 10ml content with trigger spray option. Hans sanitizer packaging comes in the size of 500ml, 5l, 20l, 200l. Gel hand sanitizers, liquid hand sanitizers, foam hand sanitizers are available with an automatic dispensing knob that makes it more practical at the workplace and much convenient to use. Hand sanitizers manufacturers produce sulphate free sanitizers that are LEED Certified. Hence they are are very safe to use apart from the unique fragrance-free and cruelty-free factors. They also supply baby-friendly non-alcoholic foam-based hand sanitizers that are trouble-free for toddlers.

Top Hand Sanitizer Brands in UAE

PURELL Hand Sanitizer Suppliers
DETTOL Instant Hand Sanitizers
COSMO Spray Hand Sanitizer

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