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Infrared Inspection Services in UAE

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About Infrared Inspection Services

Infrared Inspection Services

Infrared inspection services are used to detect system overloads, pipeline leaks, hot spots, damaged switch gear and electrical fixtures. Infrared electrical inspections can help prevent short circuits, cause of fire accidents, excess heat etc. Companies which provide infrared inspection services use infrared cameras and infrared thermography to find areas of excess heat caused due to increased resistance. An infrared inspection can detect loose or deteriorated connections, overloads, open circuits, unbalanced loads, inductive heating, harmonics and defective equipment.

Nuclear power plants can make use of infrared inspection services in order to detect minor radiation leaks. These minor radiation leaks are hard to detect as they cannot be smelt, seen by the naked eye or felt by the skin. Infrared cameras can capture even the slightest form of leak. Most companies provide six types of infrared inspection services such as commercial infrared inspection, infrared electrical inspection, building infrared inspection, infrared block wall scan, infrared roof inspection and data center infrared inspection.

Infrared inspection services help you reduce unscheduled downtime and increase equipment life. They help you lower repair costs, prevent catastrophes and lower risk of leakage. Going for infrared inspection will help reduce your insurance premium due to reduced losses. Infrared inspection services include infrared scanning of electrical distribution systems, testing medium and low circuit breakers, detecting ground faults, inspecting control centers and protective relays. They also provide other services such as electrical engineering, retrofitting, cleaning, inspection, appraisal, calibration and oil analysis. Some popular locations to get in touch with companies which provide infrared inspection services in UAE are Sheikh Zayed road, Rolla, Deira, Musaffah, SAIF zone, Industrial area 13, Jebel Ali and Downtown Abu Dhabi.