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Perkins Generator in UAE

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About Perkins Generator

Generators are the power alternatives for electricity. Generators are of many types. Their specification varies from one to the other. Perkins generator is the best quality generator used in many industrial sectors. Engine is the heart of the generator. Perkins generator holds high quality engine which operates perfectly on any adverse weather conditions. Their performance rate is high and they are the most commonly used generators in any industry. Continues power supply is guaranteed in a Perkins generator as their engine specifications are high. Operation of the Perkins generator is very easy. Their maintenance is also quite simple. They are designed in such a way that they perform to meet the requirements of the client. They are used in almost every industry like agriculture, mining, oil, backup power, military, refrigeration and pumping stations. They are designed with unique features like cooling component. When the engine gets heated up the cooling component cools down the engine. Air cooled Perkins diesel generators are much efficient and works effectively.

The generators operate at high speed and this in turn causes the engine warm up. In Perkins generator the cooling system is attached to make the engine cool down. This provides the engine durability and costs less for the engine maintenance. The installation of the Perkins generator is very simple. Perkins generators are also equipped with liquid cooling feature. These types of generators are much simple to install and maintain. Perkins series generators are equipped with 6 to 12 cylinders with the power generation of up to 2500 Kv. They are well known for the fuel efficiency and operation under any working conditions.