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Cladding in Sharjah

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About Cladding

Cladding is a panel which is attached to a building structure externally and acts as a shield. It is applied as a render to structured walls, skyscrapers, large buildings and other similar structures as well. You can restructure your building using them and give a new look to your building as well. There are several wall cladding options for customers to choose from. Some of them are designed for use in architectural designing applications as well. It is known for its durability and offers resistance to extreme weather and dust. It helps keep your building clean and increases its overall lifespan. Some companies offer free delivery and installation of exterior wall claddings. They also provide periodic maintenance contracts which help keep your external wall covering look as good as new.

Cladding suppliers design and provide different types of cladding such as stone, metal, brick, fibre cement, vinyl, timber, weatherboard and stucco. Fibre cement cladding is similar to wood cladding and is made up of compressed cement sheets. It is lighter and easier to install as compared to other wall coverings. Vinyl claddings are easy to maintain and are designed in different colours and shapes. It is very flexible in design and is suitable for most buildings. Stucco is a unique material which is made up of a mixture of lime, silica sand and white cement. They offer an aesthetic advantage due to their design.

Facade panel claddings not only prevent rainwater from entering the building but also enhance the appearance of the building. Decorative façade panels are designed to blend in with the architecture of the building. It is coated with decorative pain which enhances the appearance of the building. It is an important component in architecture as it sets the tone of the building. It is known for its energy-efficient properties as it increases the cooling efficiency of air conditioners without consuming excess electricity. It also improves the overall efficiency of heating ventilating and air conditioning equipment as it prevents excess heat, cold or sunlight. Since they are set up to enclose the frame of the building it provides privacy and gives the building a unique look.

Façade panel designers create different types panels according to your liking. They study your building architecture and come up with a unique customized design which suits your structure. They look for gaps and cover them with other types of wall cladding which are similar to façade panels. They create a composite material which is fabricated on site and installed carefully. They also design aluminium façade panels which give a shining appearance to your building. If desired they make panels which are designed to remain leak proof and water resistant. Cladding systems offer the best insulation to your building and provide vermin resistance. Vermin resistance is generally dependent on construction design details rather than cladding properties. Composite cladding systems with EPS foam backing can harbor rats and birds if access for burrowing is not eliminated.

Non-timber cladding systems and most reconstituted timber systems are not subjected to termite attack but inadequate detailing can allow termites to access a timber structure undetected. Therefore all timber cladding materials need to be treated to prevent pest infestation. Some popular locations to find cladding manufacturers in Sharjah are SAIF zone, Industrial Area 11, Industrial area 12, Liwa Street, Rolla and King Faisal road.