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Industrial Automation in Sharjah

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About Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation refers to the use computers and robotic devices to control and handle various production processes and industrial operations. In the process of Industrialization, mechanization brought about the use of machines, manually controlled, to carry out manufacturing, packaging and distribution operations. Industrial Automation is the next step in Industrialization, an improvement to mechanization, which replaces the human factor with logical programming and commands.

One major advantage of Industrial Automation is lower operational cost requirements. The implementation of automation and automatic control manufacturing systems in industries eliminates various expenditures that are applicable to manual labor, such as compensation, paid leave and health care. Moreover, automation does not require any added expense except for maintenance costs, unlike bonuses and pension, in the case of manual production processes. Though automation poses high initial costs, it saves expense on monthly wages, resulting significantly lower costs in the long run. Maintenance requirements are low, as automated systems hardly ever fail.

Initially, Industrial automation was adopted to reduce the cost of production and to increase the output. Since machines can run continuously, at the same consistency and productivity, they are considered an upgrade in the production process. However, the focus of implementing automation in industrial and production facilities has shifted to improving the quality of products and the flexibility of the manufacturing process. Industrial Automation is also adopted to remove, eliminate or reduce the human error component of manual production. After introducing industrial automation in the automobile industry, the error in the installation of pistons in the engine has reduced from 1 - 1.5% to about 0.00001%. The elimination of error in production, saves material and loss, with a lower number of defective products, and wastage of resources.

These advantages have lead to the rapid increase in the demand for industrial automation in the Emirates like Sharjah and Dubai, and across the world. Service providers that deal with industrial automation in Sharjah offer a wide range of solutions that cater to various industries. A few of these service providers can be found at locations like Al Soor, SAIF Zone and Al Majaz 3 in Sharjah.