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Insulation Contractors in Sharjah

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About Insulation Contractors

Insulation contractors conduct a thorough inspection of your area and determine what areas need to be insulated. They find the best insulation option for your home or office building and select the best method to incorporate it. They insulate walls, attics, crawl spaces, floors and ceilings. Insulating your attic will help reduce external heat during hot summer months. It helps reduce utility bills as it regulates temperatures, reduce noise and contribute to healthy indoor air quality. Since it helps reflect heat it will increase the cooling efficiency of air conditioners to a great extent.

Insulating contractors insulate your wall to help prevent moisture, noise interference algal growth and pest infestation. Exterior and interior wall insulation will help in maximising the home’s energy efficiency by muffling noise. It is made up of a particular film which prevents water seepage and growth of algae. Insulation contractors apply the film on the inside part of the wall. Crawl space insulation is very important as it can prevent air leakage and pest infestation. Floor insulation helps prevent external heat from entering and exiting the area accordingly. Ceiling insulation will help reduce overhead noise and act as a barrier between the attic and the rest of the house.

Insulation contractors use different materials for insulation. Some popular materials include fibreglass, cellulose, radiant barrier and foam. Fibreglass insulation is made up of tiny fibres which trap hot air and is best suited for different areas. Cellulose insulation is the most eco-friendly insulation as it is made up of eighty percent of recycled material. It is known for its soundproofing qualities. Radiant barrier insulation is a type of reflective insulation which is installed in the attic. It reduces the room temperature by ten degrees Celsius. Foam insulation is a popular insulation method which consists of a rigid board that can be cut and modified accordingly. This material is best suited for new homes as it maximises energy efficiency to a great extent.

Insulation contractors incorporate two popular methods of insulation which is the bulk insulation and the reflective foil insulation. Bulk insulation consists of tiny pockets which are sealed with air inside the structure. It is available as batts, blankets and boards as it can be either pumped or blown into the area which needs to be insulated. It regulates the flow of heat effectively and minimises the chance of air or water seepage. Reflective foil insulation reduces heat transfer across an enclosed space. This foil can be applied on roofs, ceilings, walls and hard to reach areas as well. It is designed to reflect heat away from the building in summer. Insulation contractors use the R-value to gauge the effectiveness of the insulation. The R-value is a scale which measures the resistance of the material. The greater the R-value the greater the resistance to heat transfer and greater the savings. Products with the same R-value will offer similar insulation, performance and resistance. Some popular locations to find insulation contractors in Sharjah are Al Khan Road, Industrial Area 11, SAIF zone, Al Sajja Industrial area, Industrial area 10 and Hamriyah free zone.