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Staff Outsourcing in UAE

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About Staff Outsourcing

Staff outsourcing is also known as employee outsourcing which is a common practice in several companies as it is tailored to provide great organizational flexibility. It improves flexibility, reduces stress and enables a hassle-free management of employees. It helps you hire employees to work on behalf of your company at your disposal. It caters the needs of framed business needs and helps companies reap economical and operational benefits easily. Some companies offer an exclusive employee outsourcing service where a number of HR processes are outsourced. They help you outsource different types of operations which are tailored to benefit different requirements. Staff outsourcing relieves the management of client organizations for day to day HR operations. It helps resolve management issues, save time, save money and help you focus on more strategic operations and include value-adding initiatives. You can effectively outsource employees for consumer banking, FMCG sales staff, Supervisory executive staff, peons, couriers and drivers. Some employment outsourcing firms deal with recruiting, hiring and outplacement of employees.

Staff outsourcing firms offer a wide range of services which include completion of joining formalities, background checks, maintenance of personnel files, processing salaries and accounting operations. Other services include income tax management, prerequisite handling, terminal benefits management, training needs analysis facilitation, custodial service and staff surveys. Staff outsourcing companies provide performance appraisal result coordination, employee load processing, custodial service, staff surveys and also a motivational analysis. Employee outsourcing services help you choose better quality candidates, enable faster hiring, lower cost, increase workforce flexibility and pave way for a wide range of opportunities. They offer a popular service which is known as the IT staff augmentation service which allows a company to add or remove staff to their team on the basis of additional skills that are essential for their company. This enables utmost staff control, integrates with internal process, leverage available resources, specialist expertise and rapidly changes staffing needs. It also reduces the cost of obtaining skills, reduces employee burden, meets aggressive project timelines, internal acceptance and ease of adaptation.

If your organization needs to monitor and manage resources closely staff augmentation is the best choice. Staff outsourcing can help companies integrate staff augmentation resources with an existing business process and align them with outsourced project teams. In this manner, companies can quickly adapt to the process of an organization and align them with each other. Staff outsourcing helps companies add new skill sets to the team as the company can take an advantage of both internal and external resources to complete large-scale projects. They rapidly change staff needs to meet the needs of companies through staff augmentation and avoids cost involved in spending for internal skill development.

Employee outsourcing is a very useful service as it avoids cost and liabilities for direct employees, existing employees are less threatened by augmenting staff with a few individuals instead of outsourcing entire projects. Staff leasing allows employers to cut costs involved in transferring employment-related risks and responsibilities faced by the leasing firm. Some popular locations to get in touch with staff outsourcing firms in the UAE are Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Quoz Industrial area, Al Aweer, Al Quasis Industrial area, Nadja Street, Nasser Street, Al Maktoum Street, Deira, Airport road, Mustaffa Industrial area, Industrial Area 11 Sharjah and Rolla.