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Steambath Equipment in UAE

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About Steambath Equipment

Steambath Equipment

Steam bath equipment includes steam rooms that are built of tile, glass, or acrylic with airtight doors and steam generators. A steam bath is different from a sauna. At a sauna, steam is generated by pouring water on hot rocks in a wooden room and the temperature is higher than in a steam bath. The temperature in a sauna is between 160 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity between 20 to 35%. Whereas in a steam bath the temperature maintained is between 110-114o F and the humidity is 100%. A steam bath generates a mild heat to help relax and soothe muscles.

The steam generator which is outside the steam room is connected to a supply of water. Some of the other equipment that is required in a steam bath is a thermostatic valve, smart controls, and digital controls. A thermostatic valve is a necessity in a steam bath to maintain required temperature and to prevent the equipment from overheating. Smart controls are also installed in steam baths which enable the maintenance of a specific temperature without having to start or stop the equipment. Modern steam baths make use of digital controls and function more efficiently than the systems that are manually controlled. Karama and Oud Mehta in Dubai are the prominent locations in UAE to find manufacturers and suppliers of steam bath equipment in UAE. These companies also manufacture equipment that complies with international standards and offers assistance during the installation of the steam baths and the maintenance of the products.