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About Tipper

A tipper is also known as a dumper or a dump truck. It is used to haul sand and other aggregates and is equipped with a hydraulic lift or a bar which is used to raise the rear portion that the contents fall out. They are loaded with overhead hoppers which are located at the front end of the loader. The hydraulic ram is designed to extend or raise the front body and discharge the contents effectively. The hydraulic rams operate using oil pressure which is pumped by the truck’s main engine.

A standard tipper comes with an open box bed which is hinged at the rear for easier accessibility and easier despatch. A tipper is also known as tipper lorry, tip-truck, tip trailer or just simply tipper. Most tippers operate using hydraulics as it is the most reliable system. They come in different configurations and they can be modified according to the requirements. Standard dump trucks are mainly used for construction applications due to their robust design. The hydraulic arm can be controlled with the help of the rail if required. The tailgate of the truck can be configured in different ways which are suitable to your liking. Some commonly used tippers are semi-trailer end dump truck, transfer dump truck, truck and pup tipper, super dump truck, semi-trailer bottom dump truck and double and triple trailer bottom dump truck.

Tipper truck manufacturers also provide side dump trucks, winter service vehicles, roll-off trucks, haul trucks and articulated haulers. Side dump trucks come with two axle semi-trailers which are pulled by three axle tractors. The hydraulic rams are present at the side of the two axle semi-trailer. Side tippers allow rapid loading and unloading and this is also a relatively safer method of disposing load. Side tipper trucks are best suited for mining operations due to their design. Winter service vehicles are heavy equipment vehicles which are similar to dump trucks in design. They are designed to place and weigh ballast or hold down sodium or calcium chloride salts.

Roll off trucks comprises of a hoist and a subframe but not a dedicated body as it is equipped with removable containers. These containers are loaded on the ground and pulled back on to the truck with the help of a winch cable. Some roll off trucks come with a roller container which is an open top box used to dispose of rubble and debris. These trucks are commonly used at construction sites and garbage disposal. Tipper truck manufacturers have added a new hook lift system which lifts, lowers and dumps the container with the help of a boom engagement instead of using a cable or hoist. Off-highway dump trucks come under heavy construction equipment and are best suited for off-road applications due to their high ground clearance. Haul trucks are widely used in surface mining operations and quarries as they have a rigid frame with a conventional steering for easier use. Some popular locations to find tipper manufacturers in the UAE are Sheikh Zayed road, Hamdan Street, Deira, Electra Street, Tourist club area, ICAD, Musaffah Industrial area, Industrial area 11 and Industrial area 2 Sharjah.

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